società agricola la fiòca

Franciacorta Brut Nature Biologico "Nudo"

Geographical feature of the vineyard:

Vineyard "La Fiòca", in Nigoline part of the municipality of Corte Franca (BS), mid hill, cultivation with Guyot system (5000 stubs per Ha.).


Chardonnay and, for certain vintages, a small percentage of Pinot Noir

How we get it:

Manual harvesting of the ripe of grapes in september, spontaneus fermentation without the addiction of sulfites, interruption of fermentation upon reaching the residual sugar content about 24 gr/lt, necessary for subsequent bottle fermentation to achive a pressure of 6 bar. Storage at low temperature and after two tranfers in the absence of air, non-sterile filtration and immediate bottoling for spontaneus sparkling. After at least 18 months and at the time of disgorging, nodosage will be added, so that it can be presented as “Non Dosato” and “Brut Nature”

Technical data:

  • Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.
  • Sugar: 1,0 grammi/litro;
  • Total acidity: 5,50 grammi/litro

Organoleptic test:

Perlage really fine and abundant
Colour: more or less intense straw yellow with greenish reflections. Intense fragrance that recalls the medical erbs.
Taste: at the beggining sapid , it gows rich in minerality.

Suggestion: as a starter. Serve at 8 °C and keep in ice bucket.

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