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La Fiòca Estate

Vista della vigna de La Fiòca a Nigoline, Cortefranca - Brescia

Estate and territory

The hills of this land were molded by the corroding action of glaciers and they are still presenting wonderful landscapes, mild climate, and fruitful soils. Since origins people selected healthy vineyards yielding extraordinary grapes both considering fragrance and flavour. The skill of the inhabitants and the agreeableness of life contributed to obtain unmatched wines. Gatti family holds its vineyards in the middle of these lands, spread in the villages of Nigoline, Timoline and Passirano.

La Fiòca Estate: that’s Franciacorta wine

La Fiòca farm is located on a lavish hill in Nigoline, down Monte Alto, South-East turned. From here we can see the Alps, Iseo lake, the middle-east Franciacorta, as well as the lowland and the most suitable owned vineyards. Enclosure comprises owners’ houses, commercial and technical offices, tasting room, and a gorgeous terrace which is looking at viewing onto the gardens. Cellar, bottling and ageing premises rely on natural controlled temperature by surrounding land. Employees are working passionately and with competence as well as they contribute to steady continously improving the worthy product and quality level. La Fiòca farm guarantees both the skill and its outcome.

Vista da Sud della Cantina "La Fiòca"
Vista da Sud Est della Cantina "La Fiòca"

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