società agricola la fiòca

Franciacorta D.O.C.G. Extra Brut Riserva 2009

Geographical feature of the vineyards:

La Fiòca, Tesa, Camaione and Quintalane are located at the middle-high hill in the municipality of Corte Franca and we grow by Guyot system (5.000 stubs per ha.).


Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (white part graped).

How we get it:

We produce this wine only when distinctive features of the grapes are suitable and we act the natural fermentation into bottles. Wine is aged into steel tanks and partially into small wooden bins. After we bottle this wine of ours for the prise de mousse, it ages on yeasts at least 60 months. It is worked out manually on pupitres, disgorged by hand, and finally it ages at least 3 months before we trade.

Technical data:

  • Alcohol: 13 % vol.
  • Sugar: 4,0 grammi/litro;
  • Total acidity: 7,00 grammi/litro

Organoleptic test:

Eye: Deep straw colour and golden reflections. Very fine, rich and abiding perlage.
Nose: Rich in boisé feelings as well as complex tertiary notes.
Mouth: Framework is highly balanced, well done development of notes which call back the nose ones.

Note: serve at 8° to 10°C temperature in large glasses. Its features abide to enjoy all lunch long.


Our Franciacorta D.O.C.G. Extra Brut Riserva 2009 is on sale at our cellar. Contact us for any information about it.
Or by phone: +39 030 98 26 313