società agricola la fiòca


Rosato “Gatò”

Vineyards location

Plots called La Fiòca and Quintalane, in Nigoline, Corte Franca Municipality.


Chardonnay 85%, Pinot Noir 15%

How we get it:

Renewable trimmed pruning (Guyot), 5000 strains per hectare, with selection of shoots on vegetative recovery. Late Harvest.
Vino da uve appassite

How we work it:

Bunches of grapes undergo a process of surmounting in the plant, where they die after the recess of the branch. Once the desired sugar concentration is reached, grapes harvested in the early morning in perforated cassettes and reduced capacity, when dirty and pressed, are placed in steel containers. In order to obtain the rosé color, the must remains in contact with the skins for a few days, then it will be separated from the same and fermented into small glass containers with a capacity of 54 liters, where the wine thus obtained will continue to mature.

Technical data:

  • Alcohol: 14,9 % vol.
  • Total acidity: 6,00 grammi/litro
  • Volatile acidity: 0,60 grammi/litro
  • Sugar: 100,0 grammi/litro
  • pH: 3,25

Esame organolettico:

Color: Amber with copper reflexes.
Perfume: Intense and fragrant, remembers pomegranate with end notes of dried fruits.
Flavor: Characteristic, pleasant sweetness, well balanced by acidic veins and lively sapidity.

Notes: Serve at a temperature of 12/14 ° C.


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